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ClearPractice LLC is a web based EMR and revenue cycle management software.[1] It was developed with small practices of 10 or fewer physicians in mind.[2]


ClearPractice was founded by Dr. Tom Doerr and his brother in 1999. He believed there should be consumer reports to support decision making for doctors so he created his own personal drug reference. With the help of pharmacists, the document grew in length and Tom began sharing it with his partners. His brother realized its potential and co-founded the business with him. More pharmacists were hired and the document reached 5000 pages. For quicker access to information, diagnosis codes were used to create an index. In 1999, Dr. Doerr was informed by payers that his group was one of the highest ranked in terms of cost-effectiveness which spurred the development of his company.

ClearPractice is targeted towards small practices of 10 physicians or less. The implementation methodology adopted by this system keeps the physicians and the practice in mind by adopting a rapid adoption and deployment policy, where physicians and staff can continue training after program installation.[3]

Clinical Applications

ClearPractice offers solutions for medical groups, hospitals, and billing services. It includes a SaaS-based integrated EMR, Practice Management System, electronic prescribing software, Personal Health Record system, and native application for iPads.

The ClearPractice EMR has the following features:[4]

  • Clinical reminders
  • Documentation templates
  • Diagnostic order pick lists
  • Medication Information

The ClearPractice eRx e-prescribing system offers clinical decision support during prescription. The Practice Management system integrates administrative and billing tasks with clinic workflow. Additional features, such as Revenue Cycle Management facilitates electronic claims submissions and payments, and paper claim submissions.[4]

In addition to the EMR features, ClearPractice also has a PHR component to give a mode of communication between the physician and patient. The ClearPractice PHR provide the following features:[4]

  • Patient messaging
  • Lab result notification
  • Prescription refill request
  • Online appointment
  • Statement review
  • Patient referrals
  • Patient education
  • History capture


In 2010, ClearPractice announced the release of Nimble, the first comprehensive EMR for the iPad. Nimble emphasizes the iPad’s potential for removing barriers in EMR portability and accessibility during physician workflow by integrating the device and software in the care delivery process whether in the exam room, hospital room, or family room.

The product connects either through WiFi or 3G to the ClearPractice cloud so no data is stored on the device, making it secure and HIPAA compliant. User reviews of the application observed that Nimble tries to bridge electronic and paper records by maintaining the look and feel of paper records in an electronic interface. [5]

The application contains all the features of the company’s existing SaaS-based EMR solution including scheduling, charting, prescribing, inpatient rounds, lab review/ordering, and messaging. It also integrates resources into the EMR by hosting an in app portal to Epocrates and Wellinx. However, the usability of the EMR may be limited due to the nature of the iPad and requires some practice[5]


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