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Starting the system

On May of 2000, the founders of DocuTAP Company started DocuTAP EMR design with the hope it will be used on portable handheld devices. Eric McDonald is one of the co-founders and the current CEO.

Brief history

DocuTAP founders realized that wireless devices would play a significant role in health care delivery. Thus, DocuTAP EMR is could-based EMR that is compatible with wireless devices. DocuTAP EMR is focused mainly on urgent care clinics, the company promises to deliver EMR that is efficient for urgent care facilities, which will decrease waiting time and improve patients’ satisfaction. The company is located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. “DocuTAP is the leading provider of integrated electronic medical records (EMR) and practice management technology for urgent care.” [1]


  • Urgent Care Focused
  • Easy to learn, implement, & customize
  • Coding is easier-ICD-10 Ready
  • Meaningful Use Certified EHR
  • 24/7 Support
  • part of the largest network of urgent care professionals in the industry

Services Offered

  • Urgent Care EMR & PM software: "An integrated, turn-key package" that creates "workflow efficiency"
  • Revenue Cycle Management and Billing: DocuTAP's Practice Management software automatically generates costs and codes; This seamless process takes the billing and collection activities out of the office which frees up healthcare professionals to provide more patient care
  • DocuTap Analytics: Allows healthcare professionals to make informed decisions based on facts. For example, E/M codes, time in/time out, financials, insurance, co-pays, scheduling, and operations data can provide healthcare professionals with trends in their practice or clinic. According to DocuTAP, this analytic software "is the only reporting tool of its kind in urgent care—allowing you to dive deep with drag-and-drop report creation. Find the exact, in-depth data you need to staff clinics properly, find outliers in performance, and confirm service offering profitability.offering profitability."

Number of users

There is no clear estimate about the current users, but according to the Docutap press release, their EMR is implemented in several urgent care facilities nationally and internationally such as:

  • American Family Care medical clinic in Hoover, Alabama, that have about 30 clinics.
  • Doctors Express, which have more than 50 urgent care clinics in the US.
  • Sanford World Clinics in Ghana, Africa. Sanford Health have about 1,200 physicians.
  • Hometown Urgent Care with 27 clinics.
  • First Med Urgent Care, with 5 clinics located in Oklahoma City area.
  • Clear Choice MD, with 2 clinics located in Vermont and New Hampshire.

DocuTAP users vary significantly since the turnover in urgent care clinic is relatively high. According to Hometown Urgent care CEO, because of high physicians’ turnover in urgent care, DocuTAP is a good choice because it require minimal training.

Clinical applications

According to DocuTAP website, they market them self as urgent care EMR. That is easy to implement “within 30 days” and it satisfy urgent care clinic need. This is an interesting concept. As each health care facilities have different needs, thus it may be necessary to have EMR software that is compatible with each healthcare facilities, for example large academic health care system have different need than, private health care centers.

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