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Electronic Health Records International (EHRI), founded in 2012, is a company based in Sebastopol, California that provides EHR Software and Implementation services to low income healthcare settings around the world. EHRI develops and markets, Harmoni, a cloud-based EHR platform for hospitals, clinics and physician offices. EHRI's health information management system is certified in the United States for Meaningful Use Stage 1 and is a certified Health Information Exchange by the Department of Health and Human Services. Their products provide efficient and safe recording of patient health information, medical orders, laboratory and radiology requests, medication administration, treatments and diagnosis, as well as administrative tasks needed for hospital operations, on a secure, cloud-based system. EHRI builds and deploys low cost Hospital Information Systems (HIS) and Electronic Health Records (EHR) for hospitals and clinics in the developing world. EHRI mission is advancing global health with affordable mobile cloud computing. To accomplish this, EHRI have developed mobile applications that replace the need for paper charting.EHRI primarily works with faith based and government hospital systems but also with private sector hospitals to provide software, implementation, training and help desk functions at price points that are budget positive for any hospital, clinic or health center.EHRI also provides global personal health records for departments of health (DOH) and hospital systems that provide portable health information across institutions. These systems can be used within existing health systems or for an entire country. EHRI's products include:

  • HarmoniMD
  • HarmoniMobile
  • HarmoniHIS
  • Newborn Hearing Screening Registry

At this time Harmoni products are in three langauges: English, Spanish, and French. [2]

Structure to Clinical Environment

EHRI attempts to improve clinical care outcomes by promoting the use of electronic checklists in clinical settings. EHRI cites a study from John Hopkins that demonstrates a 0% bloodstream infection rate from intravenous lines after checklists were adopted as procedure. In addition, this lowered infection rate also reduced medical costs that may have otherwise been associated with bloodstream infections. EHRI cites another study which demonstrates reduced errors in positioning by surgeons for laparoscopic procedures. [3]

Major goals of checklists:

  • To educate
  • To serve as action reminders
  • To promote teamwork for best practices
  • To capture clinical data for reporting purposes

EHRI believes that electronic checklists are more beneficial than paper forms. Paper forms must be printed, stocked and filed, which are technical and costly difficulties in the process. In addition, paper forms are not able to be searched, thus making it more difficult to collect data overall. On the other hand, electronic checklists are able to accommodate for any supplementary photos, images and documents with consistent formatting and can be found in a single and readily accessible location. [3]

EHRI partner's with major hardware, networking and server providers to ensure our clients have access to complete solutions to meet all their modernization needs. Partners are

X2N Sat – Satellite Solutions Samsung – Hardware Solutions Amazon Web Services – Database Solutions

Global Impact

EHRI and its subsidiary, Health Informatics Inc., located in Manila, Philippines are affiliated with faith-based medical institutions, public hospitals, clinics, and physician offices in United States of America, Philippines, India, Congo, Jamaica and Egypt. Their software have been implemented in 4 healthcare centers in the Philippines, 1 in India, Congo, Jamaica and Egypt. In addition, EHRI have developed software solutions for academic institutions in the United States including Duke University and University of Notre Dame.

EHRI also promotes the advancement of HIT professionals through online courses offered by De Salle State University and Palawan State University, both located in the Philippines.


E-Health Record International partnered with the following organizations:

  • Sentro Oftalmologico Jose Rizal | Manila, Philippines: The Sentro Oftalmologico Jose Rizal of The Philippine General Hospital is committed to providing community-oriented world-class eye care. EHRI is proud to partner up with the SOJR, under the leadership of Dr. Cesar Perez, in helping SOJR achieve improved patient outcomes using our EMR, HarmoniMD. A unique challenge presented by the implementation was the marking of eye diagnostic forms in an electronic environment. This caused some delays for our development team, but they were able to quickly design a form that can be drawn on with a mouse, or a finger. With HarmoniMD SOJR will streamline the process of recording the doctors’ notes for the many patients the facility serves, improve patient health and reduce administrative costs. [4]
  • Harpur Hospital | Menouf, Egypt: Harpur Memorial Hospital in Menouf was founded in 1910 in Menofeya Goernment in the middle of the Nile Delta. They practice holistic healing; irrespective of the color, sex, or belief; with reachable prices; welcoming the cooperation with all governmental and non governmental organizations that help us fulfill our vision. The implementation process has been initiated for and EHRI are configuring HarmoniHIS to the hospital’s specifications in preparation of training and implementation. [5]
  • Mama Tabitha Hospital | Kolwezi, Congo:In the heart of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mama Tabitha Hospital, a 70 bed hospital is led by Dr. Pineal Casango. Dr. Casango, a surgeon, with the help of Dr. James Gude, CMO of EHRI, has implemented HarmoniHIS and telemedicine solutions. These tools are transforming rural healthcare by using low cost and low maintenance high-acuity medical care. By using HarmoniHIS and telemedicine, Mama Tabitha has increased both the standard of care and financial health of the hospital. [6]
  • Newborn Hearing Screening Reference Center | Manila, Philippines" We are in the midst of training hospital staff in the Philippines on our new Newborn Hearing Screening Application. Click here to read a report generated by Dr. Ryan Bañez, our Chief Medical Informatics Officer in the Philippines, regarding the Newborn Hearing Screening application. This report is filled with great news, and learnings for our trainees, trainers and us. This pilot will continue over the next three months. We know already that the tablet will be the desired vehicle for data collection. While we are thrilled with the success of the NHSRC application and roll-out, this is just the beginning of what’s to come. [7]
  • Andrews Memorial Hospital | Kingston, Jamaica: Andrews Memorial Hospital in Kingston, Jamaica is preparing to fully implement HarmoniHIS, which is scheduled for early 2016. Andrews Memorial Hospital is owned and operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church, and are the number one stand-alone hospital on the island. The vision of Andrews Memorial Hospital is to be the leader in health care excellence by working with its employees and physicians to build an institution that is patient centered and offers world class healthcare services. They are committed to creating an environment in which health care workers and professionals have access to facilities and equipment to grow and utilize their skills to meet the needs of the community. Their implementation of HarmoniHIS and MD will surely help Andrews Memorial Hospital accomplish it’s mission. [8]
  • Phillipine General Hospital (PGH) | Manila, Philippines: PGH is the largest and one of the most important teaching hospitals in the Philippines. With over 2,000 beds and many specialties, PGH serves as one of the most renowned teaching hospitals in the country with about 160 medical students annually serving in the hospital. The hospital serves over 600,000 patients every year and is one of the primary healthcare options for the Philippines. EHRI has begun implementation of HarmoniHIS on a hospital wide basis starting with certain wards and functions. The long term goal is to achieve full automation for PGH, a big challenge given the size and scope of the hospital. [9]
  • Health Centrum Hospital | Roxas City, Phillipines: Health Centrum in Roxas City has fully implemented HarmoniHIS and is awaiting an implementation of HarmoniMD, which is scheduled for early 2014. Roxas City was recently heavily damaged by typhoon Haiyan but Health Centrum stayed in operation with backup generators and continue serving the local populace. As this is written, the EHRI team is getting additional medicines, food and water to the hospital so they can continue to help the injured from the horrific typhoon carnage. [10]
  • Mary Johnston Hospital | Manila, Philippines: Mary Johnston, a Methodist hospital in the Philippines has provided compassionate care to the local population for over 100 years. This 120 bed teaching hospital has ICU, NICU, Emergency, Medical, Surgical, OB, Lab, Pharmacy, Radiology and Outpatient services. [11]
  • Wesleyan University | Cabanatuan City, Philippines: Four hours outside of Manila, Wesleyan UniversityMedical Center (WUMC) has implemented HarmoniHIS along with an expansion that will take the hospital to 70 beds and include a new Dialysis center. WUMC was founded as a cardiology center but now serves as a general hospital for Wesleyan University and the surrounding community. Working closely with the Wesleyan team, HarmoniHIS was implemented on local servers and replaced the older software the hospital was using. WUMC is now preparing to implement HarmoniMD starting in December of 2013. [12]
  • Wanless Hospital | Miraj Medical Center, India: Wanless Hospital, Miraj Medical Center established in July 1894, has grown into an institution consisting of a 500-bed tertiary care hospital, a College of Nursing and schools for various paramedical programs. This tertiary care center serves a 250 km radius and population of nearly 20 million. Wanless Hospital, Miraj Medical Center is committed to providing the best possible medical services to one and all, regardless of race, caste, creed or ability to pay. The implementation process has been initiated for Wanless Hospital with EHRI configuring HarmoniMD to the hospital’s specifications and beginning training. With a grant from a California foundation, Wanless was able to upgrade internet connectivity and internal networking in preparation for the implementation. [13]


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