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ELIAS is an electronic medical record system supporting both administrative and medical data processing for General practitioners (GP). It also offers research facilities to GP's using their own data and priovides tools to participate in multi-center studies.

ELIAS is written in ANSI MUMPS, developed by Academic Hospital of the Free University, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. ELIAS first version was developed between 1983-1985, and in December 1992 it was used by 14% of the general physicians.


The aim of ELIAS is to optimize General Practice:

  • the programization of primary care
  • the acquisition and maintenance of the medial record
  • preventive medical care
  • research in primary care


ELIAS has five modules, the financial, pharmacy, patient-record, and communication.

Aiming to support and coordinate shared care using electronic data interchange, its communication module was modified in a project using "MEDEUR", a message designed for integrating patient data exchange between computer-based patient records. It was performed for developing and testing its electronic data interchange functionality and its integrated composing and storing of electronic messages.(1)


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