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Explorys is a biomedical informatics company featuring cloud-based big data solutions for healthcare based in Cleveland, OH. Explorys provides a healthcare platform and database featuring over 44 billion clinical and operational data points and 15 million unique patients.

Organization Leadership

Explorys was founded in 2009 by Stephen McHale and Charlie Lougheed based upon a system piloted by Anil Jain, MD, of the Cleveland Clinic. Its Chief Executive Officer is McHale. Lougheed serves at its President and Chief Strategy Officer; Jain as its Chief Medical Information Officer; Mike Onders is the Chief Technology Officer. McHale and Lougheed's backgrounds are in information technology entrepreneurship; prior to co-founding Explorys, McHale was Chairman and CEO of Everstream, a census-level data analytics platform software now used for broadband network usage measurement; Lougheed served as Everstream's President and Chief Technology Officer. Members of the Explorys Board of Directors include McHale, Chris Coburn, Andrew Firlik, Steven Lindseth, Joe Cunningham, Paul Wallace, and John McHale.


Explorys seeks to empower health care leaders to leverage big data to improve care and optimize delivery efficiency. (www.explorys.com/home)



The Explorys Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) is a computing infrastructure that facilitates data collecting, cleaning, and depositing into a central research database. Current members of the Explorys network that share data include the Cleveland Clinic, Summa Health System, Legacy Health, and MetroHealth. It is offered on a subscription basis.

Health Data Gateway

The Explorys Health Data Gateway is an appliance that collects, encrypts, and de-personalizes data of the following types: clinical, operational, and financial. EHR, billing, lab, scheduling, and other clinical systems are supported data sources.


The Explorys DataGrid is a massive database of depersonalized patient information, spanning a wide array of characteristics, measures and outcomes.

EPM Application Suite

The EPM Application Suite are designed for off-the-shelf use of the DataGrid Platform.


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Latest News

Explorys participated in the Content Marketing World Health Summit in Cleveland, OH, on November 3, 2012.

On June 6, 2012, Explorys named Nashville-based venture capital firm Heritage Group as its latest strategic investor.

In an article dated March 7, 2012, Explorys leadership Steve McHale and Charlie Lougheed stated that the company started with no definite business plan, but rather started the company to address challenges in health care related to big data.

In January 2012 Lougheed stated that Explorys planned to double employment to 100 in the coming year.

In 2011, Explorys raised $11.5 million in series C investment, lead by Austin Ventures of Austin, TX and Foundation Medical Partners of CT, followed by support from Sante Ventures and Cleveland Clinic.

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