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Jardogs,LLC is a provider of interphase systems for patient access to their electronic medical record (EMR). The company was founded in 2009 and is based in Springfield, Illinois. In March, 2013, Jardogs, LLC was acquired by Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc ([1]). It's products include patient kiosks and integrated patient portals that allow patient management of their health records.


Jardogs [2] was founded by James Hewitt in 2009 and developed as a comprehensive EMR for the Springfield Clinic, Springfield, Illinois. The company's main product, FollowMyHealthTM aims to create a single point of patient access that connects various local hospitals, multi-specialty groups, physician offices, and other entities that together provided their local care ([3]). The company currently offers three products:

  • FollowMyHealthTM Patient Portal [4]
  • FrontDeskTM Patient Kiosk
  • AchieveHealthTM Monitoring & Compliance


The major focus of Jardogs, FollowMyHealthTM Patient Portal was created as an integrated portal that also combines the global connectivity and patient management aspects of a personal health record. FollowMyHealthTM was launched in January 2011 and has been deployed in about 13,000 hospitals and other health-care providers nationwide currently. Among them are Springfield Clinic; Memorial Health System, which operates Memorial Medical Center and Memorial Physician Services; Hospital Sisters Health System, which operates St. John’s Hospital and HSHS Medical Group; and Quincy Medical Group ([5]).

A company news release says FollowMyHealthTM “enables patients to actively participate in their care, critical for at-risk populations, and empowers consumers with the solution they need to monitor and optimize health status. It also provides seamless work-flow integration among patients, physicians and other caregivers, including secure health messaging, prescription reordering, bill paying and scheduling of appointments.([6])”

FollowMyHealthTM allows a patient to manage their health information in a secure, online environment via any computer, smartphone or tablet.

The features of FollowMyHealthTM for patients include the ability to:

  • Fill out forms prior to visit
  • Pay bills
  • Send secure messages to your provider
  • Order and Refill prescriptions
  • Request,Reschedule or cancel appointments
  • View Lab results
  • Receive Reminders for appointments
  • Review vital signs,history,prescriptions,immunizations

At the back-end, FollowMyHealthTM allows providers to set release thresholds for results/documents, and choose settings/functionality by organization or even provider.

Features also include:

  • Patient-owned, patient managed
  • Real-time health updates
  • Data aggregation
  • EMR-agnostic
  • Discrete data back into EHR

Since FollowMyHealthTM is independent of EMR vendors, their biggest advantage and niche is the ability to populate information from any vendor and communicate with any other EMR system.

Current Availability

Currently you may find and use FollowMyHealth Apps on both Android and Apple Devices

Andriod. [7]

Apple. [8]

Both Products are currently free with regular updates.

  -Benefits - 
   Consumers are able to obtain and update virtually anywhere at any time through the use of their        mobile device. Adding to the overall flexibility to FollowMyHealth.


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