Guidance for Radiology Information System

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Oregon Health & Science University Biomedical Informatics 512 Winter 2010 Guidance for Radiology Information System

As the field of Radiology is based mainly on dealing with computer systems and information technology, the essence of informatics to deal with and support this field became inevitable. Too much data to handle including the patients’ records, images with their different formats, reports, scheduling, interventions…etc Moreover, the dependency of other medical departments on radiology made things sophisticated that the presence of information management became highly needed.

The Royal college of Radiologists made a list of guidelines to help radiologists to choose their Radiology Information System properly; the guidance covers mostly all features that RIS should contain with succinct details on every aspect to be considered. The guidance starts with the functional requirements and how it is important to have multi functions to ease management, and then discusses he user access and controls and their specifications, it also handles the patients’ side of information. Electronic requesting and scheduling are covered, then how the work lists and folders are organized and dealt with, the items of examination are stressed on as they are very important not to miss any detail while doing the examination.

The guidelines somehow discussed in a process manner so we come to the methodology of reporting and its coding as well as the image tracking and stock control, after which he billing and coding is highlighted. The process of dealing with patient ends here but there much other stuff to care about like the management reports, the fitness of RIS and its integration with other systems are not missed. I think this is a successful guidance that really gives a hand not to radiologists only but also to manufacturers and any stakeholder would like to implement the RIS in their place.

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Submitted by (Ahmed Samy Elagamy)