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List of publications that report use of an Integrated Data Repository (IDR). ("IDR success stories")

True positive

  • ROSIGLITAZONE and claims study SUMMARY: A claims analysis indicated increased risk of MI, stroke and health failure. This finding triggered trials meta-analysis that confirmed it. This lead to removing the drug from market. Without the IDR, we would still use that drug today.

  • CIMETIDINE and drug repurposing SUMMARY: Database finding revealed possible second use of a drug. This database finding lead to a mouse model experiment(confirmed effect) (clinical trial started [documentation missing]. Without the IDR/database, we would never discover the additional therapeutic effect.
    • ABSTRACT EXTRACT:Here, we present a systematic computational approach to predict novel therapeutic indications on the basis of comprehensive testing of molecular signatures in drug-disease pairs. We integrated gene expression measurements from 100 diseases and gene expression measurements on 164 drug compounds, yielding predicted therapeutic potentials for these drugs. We recovered many known drug and disease relationships using computationally derived therapeutic potentials and also predict many new indications for these 164 drugs. We experimentally validated a prediction for the antiulcer drug cimetidine as a candidate therapeutic in the treatment of lung adenocarcinoma, and demonstrate its efficacy both in vitro and in vivo using mouse xenograft models

  • thanks to an IDR, we were able to complete this trial (anecdotal, no PMID available)

False positive

Example of a published findings in an IDR that later turned out to be false. E.g., reporting an effect of a drug (or other findings) from an IDR analysis, but later human trials or other experiments did not validate it.

  • tbd

Other bibliographies

  • UK's CPRD (Clinical Practice Research Datalink)

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