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Itoiz Clinic is the most important high complex private hospital sited in Avellaneda city, Buenos Aires state, Argentina.

The Health Informatics Area and the Informatics Systems Area have been working since the last 4 years into CIS development. This is a good example of integration between platforms because the CIS is developed by ASP .NET and MS-SQL Server, hosted in Windows Server platform and the workstations run in Ubuntu 8.04, getting access to the EMR without any problem.

The CIS has many modules developed up to now like: ADT, cites, health coverage search (based on a database of health care providers), practice management and very simple laboratory orders system. Since the last two years they were working in the Emergency EMR and Ocupational medicine patient record.

The emergency EMR is complete, allowing to enter the patient assitance data and has an electronic medical guides an review for many common urgency diseases. Physicians could consult any guideline on line for a given case that they are assiting. This system has a terminology medical database that helps physician in the entry data process. The clinic has too a telecollaboration platform base on i-Path that allows to share and discuss clicnial cases from Internet. The entire suystem is runing into many clinic building and associated medical offices, covering 4 cities surrounding Avellaneda city, giving health coverage to about 100.000 population. More information in the official web site To enter into the Itoiz Telemedicine platform click here