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Knowledge management is an evaluative a process which collects and transforms data into contextually relevant information which is used to improve understanding and promote knowledge sharing. In addition, knowledge management is a management philosophy which emphasizes the integration of the knowledge creation process from initial data capture to real world application. (LaTour & Eichenwald Maki, 2010).

Knowledge management in health informatics aims to provide accurate, up-to-date knowledge at the time and place it is needed. This knowledge is a compilation of explicit medical knowledge contained in things like text books and best practice guidelines, and the harder to quantify implicit knowledge that comes from individuals' expertise (Montani & Bellazzi, 2002). Clinical decision support systems are an example of explicit knowledge management used in health care.

Using the knowledge management philosophy to provide the right information at the right time health care institutions can conduct continuous quality improvement, reduce the loss of institutional knowledge, increase knowledge sharing, and improve patient care (Montani & Bellazzi, 2002).

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