Liang Zhang Han Expert System

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Liang Zhang Han Expert System is one of the first expert systems dedicated to Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is age-old oriental medicine with its own unique theory. Its basic rules have been proved to be highly effective in clinical practice. TCM pays very special attention to physiologic and pathologic connections between the internal and external organs and structures and considers that the manifestration of the external structure may reflect the physiological functions and pathological changes of the Viscera.

Professor Liang Zhang Han is a famous veteran doctor of TCM for over 50 years. This expert system was developed according to his clinical experience and knowledge.

  • step 1 recrive cases from medical records.
  • step 2 develop set of clinical findings and their related treatments.
  • step 3 Connect these sets with boolean logics
  • step 4 new case test


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