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MEDENT by Community Computer Service(CCS) is a Cloud or Server based MU certified "All-In-One" EMR/EHR, Patient Portal and Practice Management system. MEDENT is All-In-One software package, CCS incorporates Electronic Medical Records and Practice Management tools designed to help a practice achieve the "Paperless Office." CCS is organized to deliver the long-term complete solution. They offer the software, hardware, installation, training, ongoing support, and supplies to their customers throughout the Northeast.


MEDENT is a family-run, family-owned and operated company founded in 1968. Based out of Central New York State, MEDENT is exclusively marketed in the Northeast corridor of the United States.[1] A fully functional version of this EHR product was first implemented in a medical practice in the US in 1992.[2] In 2013 MEDENT added Surescripts' Basic Messaging and Communications product to its suite of services available to more than 7,000 healthcare providers currently using MEDENT's Meaningful Use-certified, all-in-one electronic health record (EHR), patient portal and practice management system. Surescripts' Basic Messaging and Communications is a subscription service that allows patient-specific protected health information to be instantaneously and securely transmitted between healthcare providers, leading to increased efficiency, informed care decisions, better patient outcomes, and lower healthcare costs.[3]

Features [[1]]

  • Combined practice management and EMR solution
  • Medical office management
  • Automated posting of insurance payments electronically
  • Free electronic claims submission to over 750 insurance companies
  • Customer support

Meaningful Use

The Medent Meaningful Use (MU) dashboard and comparison graph will allow providers to monitor meaningful use compliance, at a glance. Without this, one would need to enter 20 different reports and remember the status of each meaningful use objective. The dashboard is a key element to help you monitor your Meaningful Use status.[4]

Optional Modules

Dragon Speech Recognition
Medical Equipment Interfaces
MEDENT Patient Portal


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