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MEDHOST is the provider of the Emergency Department Information System (EDIS) that is used by many ER departments.

Medhost consists of the following features

  • Patient Tracking with visual floor plans
  • Nurse Charting
  • Physician Documentation
  • Order entry with built-in allergy and drug interaction alerts from First Databank
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Integration with the rest of the hospital units


MEDHOST was formed in 1997 to provide the healthcare industry with management applications that are easy to learn, use and implement. Until that time, EDIS technologies were a rarity, as ED doctors and nurses generally recorded charges and important information by hand, spending more time on paperwork than with patients.Designed by clinicians to eliminate the features that can impede care and put patients at risk, MEDHOST EDIS has touch screen user interface, free of regular software features such as drop-down menus, dialogue boxes, multiple key strokes.

MEDHOST EDIS also allows its clients to customize the final layout and templates of the system. A tool kit integrated with EDIS thus provides flexibility to modify the software without altering their existing work procedures in ED. MEDHOST’s ED Pass kiosk is another new add-on enhancing the existing capabilities of EDIS. It enables self-check-in, automatically screens for high-risk conditions and feeds information into the MEDHOST EDIS to expand visibility to the waiting room and improve patient safety.


MEDHOST EDIS version 4.2 is a CCHIT Certified Emergency Department Electronic Health Record. This product has not been tested against the applicable proposed Federal standards in existence on the date of certification for certified EHR technology of its type under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA). [1] [EarnValle 9_8_10]

According to May 19, 2009 article MEDHOST EDIS is till the leading provider of emergency department systems. Its usability causes clinicians to adopt the system and obtain the benefit from their investment, which is an attractive attribute. The system has reduced medical errors and increased patient satisfaction.

In July 2010, MEDHOST launched a new EDIS compatible module called Care Clock, which enables hospitals to post current ED wait times on their websites so that patients can make more informed decisions about where to seek care for non-urgent problems. Created in response to customer demand, Care Clock utilizes real-time information from the MEDHOST EDIS and doesn’t require any manual input to keep the clock up-to-date.

Medhost at Glance

  • Number of Healthcare Facilities Using Solutions:
    Approximately 1,000
  • Year founded:
  • Headquartered in Franklin, TN
  • Markets Served
    Acute Care
    Long Term Acute Care (LTAC)
    Specialty Surgical Hospitals and Facilities
  • Products and Services:
   Emergency Department Information System (EDIS)
   PatientFlow HD—Patient Throughput Solution
   Advanced Perioperative Information Management System (PIMS)—Surgery and Anesthesia Information Management System
   YourCareCommunity—Portal Applications and Community Engagement
   YourCareLink—Public Health Information Reporting
   Business Intelligence—Meaningful Use Reporting and Business Analysis Solution
   Enterprise Solutions—Clinical, Patient Access, Revenue Cycle Financials
   MEDHOST Direct—Hosted and Managed Services, Managed IT Services
   Services—Outsourced Services, Professional Consulting [1]

Meaningful Use

MEDHOST products have met the 2014 ONC criteria for meaningful use for the following products [8]:

  1. Advanced Perioperative Information Management System
  2. Business Intelligence v 2.0
  3. Clinicals 2014 R1
  4. Emergency Department Information System versions 4.2, 4.3, 4.4
  5. Enterprise 2014 R1
  6. YourCareCommunity v1

Advances of MEDHOST

  1. Real-time patient tracking with intuitive, graphical emergency floor plan to enhance staff communication and work flow
  2. A behind-the-scenes automatic charge capture aimed at increasing revenue by ensuring that all performed procedures are recorded
  3. One-touch order entry that facilities immediate bedside care
  4. A multidisciplinary and flexible charting feature that maximizes documentation speed and clinical accuracy.


  3. Facilities Choose MEDHOST EDIS During First Quarter

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