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Medical Mastermind was acquired from Interactive Health Care Solutions, Inc. in February of 2013. This EHR is also known as Vehracity. It was first implemented in 2006. This EHR is run either locally or on a hosted server, and is designed to operate with private ambulatory care office and multi-specialty clinics. [1]

As of March 2015, 87 users attesting to Meaningful Use reported using Medical Mastermind as their EHR vendor. [2]

Clinical Applications

  • Multiple Clinical Note Templates
  • Task Manager/Mailbox
  • Patient Portal
  • Patient Reminders
  • Deep Analytics
  • Chronic Disease Management [3]

Medical Mastermind is Meaningful Use compliant with stage 2 measures. It can be customized for every client and includes dynamic widgets to capture any data type needed. The software can manage all patient scheduling and provides data analytics for uses such as billing reports. [3]


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