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Optum Physician EMR is one of the multiple web-based applications offered by Optum, a global company that offers a wide array of health information technology services. It can be fully integrated with all the operational functions of the practice. Pulling charts, approving refill requests and signing lab results are now just a click away. This simplicity not only strengthens the patient physician experience, but also improves quality and reduces costs. Physician EMR is geared for the use of small physician practices as stand-alone systems, but can also be integrated with other Optum applications such as Patient Portal, Practice Management, and GE Centricity.[1]

Optum™ is a health services and innovation company on a mission to help make the health system work better for everyone. We combine data and analytics with technology and expertise to power modern health care. In collaboration with our partners, we focus on three key drivers of transformative change: modernizing the health system infrastructure, advancing care and empowering consumers.

Partnering with 300 health plans to ensure positive changes take root in the broader health system and benefit the most possible people. Supporting hundreds of life sciences companies as they research and develop new treatments. Working with 67,000 pharmacies to help people get the care and treatments they need. Helping half of the Fortune 500 employers meet their employees’ health and wellness needs. Serving care providers and health systems — including four out of five U.S. hospitals — to support their focus on quality care, better patient experiences, operational efficiency and cost savings. Partnering with government agencies in 40 states and, increasingly, around the world. Helping 74 million people find the right care at the best value, understand their options and take charge of their health and wellness. [2]

Features [1]

Processes prescription refill requests 24 hours a day.

Monitors, measures, and escalates all clinical messages.

Provides chart summaries, flow sheets, registry flags and clinical notes with the click of a mouse.

Gives caregivers the option to use as little or as much structure and decision support as they desire, with options for voice, point and click, and text.

Allows physicians to transition to an EMR without working more hours or sacrificing revenue.

Gives easy access from any web-connected device.


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