QualityProject Smoking Cessation in Periodontal Patients

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Problem Statement

Scope of problem: Approximately 40% of patients requiring treatment requiring treatment for periodontal disease use tobacco. Tobacco use increases that rate of 'loss of attachment' (a marker for poor oral health), damages healthy periodontal tissue, and delays wound healing after periodontal therapy.

Setting: Private periodontist's office

Aims: Our general aim is to improve the treatment of periodontal disease and achieve better outcomes of periodontal therapy through smoking cessation.

Specific Goal: We will seek a self-reported 50% quit-rate among smokers by 6-months after presentation to the periodontist for care. This will be achieved by a 10-15 minute smoking cessation counseling cessation as well as the provision of a prescription for Chantix.

Process and Prioritization

Process Affected: smoking cessation to improve outcomes in periodontal treatment

Measure(s): 1. percentage of smoking patients who report filling and taking the prescription as prescribed 2. percentage of smoking patients who report cessation at 4-6 weeks after initial visit 3. percentage of smoking patients who report cessation at 6 months after initial visit


Plan: develop smoking cessation counseling script

Do: offer 10-15 minute smoking cessation counseling and prescription for Chantix to first 10 patients who present

Study: evaluate effectiveness of counseling and evaluate whether or not prescriptions are filled

Act: either revise counseling script (if needed), or implement to all new patients presenting for periodontal care


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