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As India pursues digitization of medical records, the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India has issued standards for creation of Electronic Health Records (EHR) in August 2013. [1]

RxVault Features

  • A national unique health identifier ID (UID) and option of a secondary ID tied to the healthcare facility providing care.
  • Standards-based centralized data repository or data that can be shared with interoperable standards
  • Safeguards for data privacy and security and
  • Emphasis on the “patient” as the authorized owner of the health data.

The latter concept has led to a flurry of commercial entities developing products/solutions for consumers to store/access their health data. RxVault.in is one such product, developed by Smart Square Technologies Private, India. [2]

RxVault Model and Audience

The start-up’s model entailed digitization the medical records of users and uploading them to a secure cloud-based account that the user could use to access and share with his/her providers of care. The company’s initial target audience was the residents of Delhi (all sections of society) as the process in digitizing records of 100,000 people in North India has already begun as of October 2013. The intent was to spread adoption nationwide by partnering with other hospitals at a later date.


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