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SRS Soft is a company that sells electronic medical record (EMR) systems for specialist physicians. [1]

SRS Soft History

SRS Soft was founded in 1997 by Evan D. Steele. At the time, Mr. Steele was in charge of managing a thriving medical practice in New York City. Faced with the challenges associated with managing and organizing the practice's patient records he created SRS EHR, which is still SRS Soft's flagship product. Since then, the company and its product offerings have grown with the help and direct input of physicians. Now in 2014, SRS Soft has gone from being used in that first NYC practice to being deployed in over 5,200 practices.[3]


SRS specializes in innovative EHR and HIT solutions and services for high-performance physicians. Their product offerings focus on specialists with specific EHR offering for orthopedists, ophthalmologists, dermatologists, and pediatricians. Their solutions are optimized for the Ambulatory setting in offices with 1-10 physicians. In fact, in 2013 the SRS EHR won the Best in KLAS award for Ambulatory EHR in the 1-10 physician segment.[5] Through their solutions they have been able to build one of the largest national networks of users with over 5,200 specialist practices. Version 9 of their SRS EHR has been Drummond Certified to be compliant with Stage 2 of Meaningful Use.


SRS Soft's program suite contains many solutions in addition to their SRS EHR. Their solution's features and benefits include:


  • Government certified EHR
  • Productivity-focused meaningful use
  • Slashes overhead costs
  • No downtime--easy training
  • Enhances patient care

SRS Practice Management

  • Tightly integrated with EHR
  • Superior claims management reduces A/R
  • Pay-at-first-pass rates up to 98%
  • Dashboard increases physician control over revenue

SRS integrated PACS

  • Pioneered for orthopedics
  • Built for speed; fully integrated with EHR
  • Automated off-site image back-up and archiving
  • Accessible from anywhere

SRS Patient Portal

  • Reduces staff workload—encourages patient self service
  • Decreases overhead expenses
  • Shifts data entry from staff to patients
  • Differentiates your practice from the competition

SRS Transcription

  • Fully integrated with the SRS EHR
  • Reduces costs and increases productivity
  • Efficient and accurate clinical documentation
  • SRS Snippets™ drastically decreases time spent on clinical documentation[2]


The SRS product suite including following features:

  • Unified Desktop
  • Interoperability
  • Flexibility
  • Ease of Use
  • EHR Speed
  • Productivity Calculator
  • SRS FlexNote
  • EHR Replacement
  • ICD-10
  • Clinician Friendly Code Search [6]


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