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Founded by Dr. Woodrow Gandy and Dr. Rob Landon, the T System began back in 1989 upon realizing there was an abundance of time consuming documentation to be completed for patients visiting the emergency department. Five years later in 1994, Dr. Gandy and Dr. Landon developed the T Sheet, a template based documentation system. The T Sheet, designed to streamline patient documentation becomes a popular tool amongst emergency departments across the U. S. and is even mentioned on the sitcom, ER. In 2001, T System developed EV, an Emergency Department Information System (EDIS), in which the popular T Sheet is adapted and incorporated. In 2006 Clinical Physician Order Entry (CPOE) was incorporated into EV. EV became certified for Meaningful Use, Stage 1 in 2011 and Stage 2 in 2013. Today T System is working to provide the most advanced technology solutions to help provide the best patient care upon arrival for over 1,900 facilities.


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