Technicon Medical Information System (TMIS)

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Technicon Medical Information System (TMIS) is one of the first Clinically-oriented Health Care Information Systems (HCIS).


System development began in 1965 as a collaborative project between Lockheed and El Camino Hospital in California. By 1987, the system had been installed in more than 85 institutions by Technicon Data Systems which purchased the system from Lockheed in 1971. The TDS center could support from several hundred to a few thousand hospital beds depending on the size of the central machine.

One computer installation could serve multiple hospitals. The hospitals were connected to the central computer. Within a hospital, a switching station connected the telephone lines to an onsite network that led to stations on all the patient-care unit. Each unit had at least one VDT and one printer with which users could access, display, and print information.Forty years later, the TDS system is still in use in some hospitals.

l Camino is a 450-bed community general hospital with a physicians staff of 340. Implementation of the TMIS took 9 months, to be placed throughout the facilities. The Technicon Medical Information System (TMIS) has been in operation at El Camino Hospital since 1972. Three years of development at the institution preceded the actual implementation. The Technicon Medical Information System is a hospital-wide system. It is designed to store patient data and send appropriate data, either upon request or automatically, to personnel who need them. Objectives of the system include more efficient hospital operations, improved patient care, and reduction or containment of hospital costs. A major goal of the system is to facilitate nursing activities.


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