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Intuitive Medical Software (IMS) founded by urologist Dr. Howard Follis in 2005. He created IMS to become a prevailing provider of physician EMR software to surgical and medical specialties in United States. IMS’ UroChartEHR is CCHIT 2011 certified for ambulatory EHR. [1] It initially focused urologists, cardiologists and ophthalmologists. [2]


  • Interfaces electronically to many national labs. Eliminates paper lab results
  • Improves medical care by organizing and presenting medical records in a way that makes sense to urologists
  • Coding accurately reflects the work done by urologists
  • Allows urologists to work like they think


  • Intuitive design
  • Touch screen interface
  • Ability to display office visit notes on a second monitor for reference
  • Built specifically for urologists

Uro Chart Features

  1. Includes specific terms, codes and templates
  2. Easier access, less navigation and less clicking
  3. Chronological timeline feature that offers a graph of patient’s health information
  4. Special "note builder" that saves notation time
  5. Integrated scanner
  6. Accessible by web, including mobile phones
  7. EHR has controls "that works with" touch screens [2]

The UroChartEHR software can manage documents office visit notes and procedures, writes/refills scripts to print or fax, generates Superbill with ICD-9, CPT, E&M codes, completes and signs OV note etc. [2] [1]

Timeline Feature

The unique timeline feature developed by IMS allows physicians and other users to access detailed patient information from specific points displayed on the timeline and to readily understand which medical information is entered at each chronological point on the timeline. IMS has applied for a patent for its EMR software. (Patent pending) [2]

Dr. Howard Follis, an Urologist "conceived" Uro Chart EHR to "enhance efficiency to Urology offices. Dr. Howard Follis comes from HealthTronics, "a urology solution company that provides equipment and solutions."


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