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Wellsoft Emergency Department Information System (EDIS) is CCHIT 2011 certified for Emergency Department EHR [1] [2].


Wellsoft was founded by Dr. John Santmann, MD in 1988.He is the president and one of the key developers of the software. They are the leading providers of software solutions to emergency departments.[3]

In 2011, Wellsoft Corporation announced that it was given the highest marks amongst Emergency Department Information System (EDIS) solutions in a release from the Emergency Department Information Systems Report published by KLAS in September 2011. [[4]]


Wellsoft EDIS software is

  • Easy to use - offers a wealth of features like patient tracking, clinical documentation, orders and results, discharge instructions and reporting. Secure access to important resources is available through integrated web links
  • Flexible - Wellsoft EDIS allows any combination of wireless, laptop and desktop workstations and choose LAN/WAN, web-enabled or thin client implementation and Customizable – In a busy Emergency Department, one option doesn’t work, so Wellsoft provides the most easily customizable software.

Each area of the department has their own screens, from triage to fast track, to pediatrics and beyond. [5]


TRACKING Patient Tracking including Risk Management System Admissions Tracking Billing Recovery Tracking Clinical Competency & Certification Tracking Unoccupied Room Display Medical Records Management Tracking On Call Tracking Registration Tracking Split Screen View Unresolved Issues Management Tracking [5]

CLINICAL DOCUMENTATION Triage Notes Nursing Documentation Physician Documentation Ancillary Services Documentation Special Needs Patient Care Plans Intake & Output Table/Calculator [5]

CHARGE CAPTURE Facility Charge Capture Infusion Charge Capture Professional E&M Level Scoring Professional Charge Capture IMAGE CAPTURE Patient ID / Photos Anatomical Diagrams Scanning Embedded Forms [5]

ORDER MANAGEMENT Inbound Orders Tracking Order Entry – Lab/Radiology/Pharmacy Results Reporting Radiology Tracking Pharmacy Tracking [5]

MEDICATION MANAGEMENT Drug/Drug & Drug/Allergy Interaction Checking Medication Reconciliation Medication Verification & Exchange Pharmacy Interface Drug Dosing Calculator ePrescribing Medication Barcoding [5]

COMMUNICATIONS Automatic E-Mail Automatic Faxing of Patient Information Automatic Paging Internal Messaging [5]

DISCHARGE PLANNING Discharge Instructions Prescriptions Work/School Excuses REPORTING Enhanced Audit Trail Clinical Decision Support for Quality Measures Real Time Dashboard Standard & Custom Reports Crystal Reports® Tool [5]

MEANINGFUL USE REPORTING Wellsoft Automated Measures Calculation Module Wellsoft Clinical Quality Measures Reporting Module [5]

INTERFACES ADT/Patient Demographics Billing Bi-Directional Exchange of Home Meds & Allergies Biomedical Devices – Vitals Interface Discrete Data Exchange - CCD/C-CDA HIE Immunization Registries Laboratory Orders & Results Master File Notifications Medical Document Management Interface (e.g., Patient Information to CDR) Pharmacy Orders Radiology Orders & Results Swipe/Proximity Card Interface Syndromic Surveillance [5]

Additional Features

includes bar code support, (e.g. Forms, Wristbands, etc.), CCOW enabled, dynamic web links, patient entry kiosk display, precautions/alerts etc.


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