Integrating Patient Generated Family Health History From Varied EHR Entry Portals

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This is a study that is not yet open for participant recruitment. But, it shows the extent to which EHR is being used to bring new information to the forefront.

We all know the importance of family health history. The time limitations of healthcare providers is demanding a solution that is technology driven. A solution that can integrate an individual's knowledge of their family history into the medical record maintained by their health care provider.

This study will develop and compare three different ways to collect family history proactively by the investigators. Computer technology independent of the health care visit, including interactive voice response technology, tablet computers in a physician's waiting room, and a secure internet portal at home. An electronic family history collection tool based on the US Surgeon General's My Family Health Portrait will be used.

A large primary care network will be the receiver of transferred family history data that is integrated with a patient's EHR. The project will attempt to show that accurately reported family history data from diverse patients using the technologies can be integrated to support an individual's health care based on familial risk.


Verified by Brigham and Women's Hospital, September 15, 2009 Study is not yet open for participant recruitment.