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Clinical Informatics Conferences connect a community of administrators, clinicians, scientists, healthcare workers, governmental representatives, and vendors to advance the science of Clinical Informatics. This is a list of the conferences that focus on the dissemination of scientific discovery in this field, with acknowledgment that there are conferences focused on other disciplines which also contribute to the field (such as IEEE) and local meetings of some organizations that are not generally attended by a broader audience.

ACMI Winter Symposium

An annual meeting hosted by AMIA, ACMI takes place over 4 days and focuses on the work of AMIA Fellows on Biomedical Informatics.[1][2] It was first officially held in 2014 and is typically held in the first quarter of the year, though it began as a series of informal meetings of fellows and their families in 1993.[3] Attendance is restricted to Fellows and their guests.

AMIA Symposium

Held on an annual basis, the AMIA Symposium is the largest conference hosted by the American Medical Informatics Association. According to the Chair of the Scientific Program Committee, Patricia Dykes, "The AMIA Annual Symposium brings together informatics professionals from diverse backgrounds committed to transforming health through informatics. It represents the scale of informatics expertise by showcasing basic, applied, and clinical interests."[4] Attendance at the 2017 meeting was about 2,500 individuals[5] with 121 Oral presentations, 21 workshops as well as other activities over a 4.5 day schedule. The meeting has occurred since at least 1997, when it was held in the Opryland Hotel in Nashville, TN.[6]

Clinical Informatics Conference

Formerly known as iHealth, this conference, which is hosted by AMIA, is focused principally on implementation of clinical informatics solutions. As stated on the website: "iHealth ... brings together leaders and peers to discuss how to use health information technology (HIT) to help improve care, enhance your leadership and socio-technical vocabulary, and discuss your experiences with like-minded professionals trying to realize benefits from significant financial investments in EHRs."[7] The meeting first occurred in 2014 and had an attendance of exactly 200 individuals. Notably, Dr. Vishnu Mohan did not attend.[8]

Connected Health Conference

Formerly the mHealth Summit. Held in the fourth quarter of the year, the meeting in 2018 had 3,000 attendees, 300 speakers, and 225 exhibitors over a 3-day conference.[9] Presentations are a mix of academic and industry, with emphasis on the latter.[10]

GNUHealth Con

Held yearly since 2008, this 3-day conference focuses on the impact of open source applications in the medical informatics space. It features an annual "Health Hack Day" event where programmers work on open source software development. No Microsoft Windows-based devices are allowed.[11][12]

Health 2.0

Events held worldwide and several times per year. The 3-day fall meeting in 2018 had an attendance of 2,183 with 125 presentations. The exhibit hall was 35,000 sq. ft.[13][14] The event was advertised as "The mother of all tech showcases."[15]

Health Datapalooza

This is a yearly data focused conference held during the second quarter of the year and is hosted by Academy Health. In 2018, the event was 2 days long and hosted 49 presentations, most of which were moderated panels with experts from industry present.[16][17]

Health IT Summit

Monthly events throughout the year divided by region of the United States. The event held in September 2018 lasted for 2 days, had 28 speakers and featured mostly industry-sponsored presentations.[18][19]

HIMSS Asia Pacific Conference and Exhibition

HIMSS European Conference

This 3-day meeting occurs in the second quarter of the year at a venue in Europe and is hosted by HIMSS. The event had a 1,300 attendees and was collocated with the European Health 2.0 meeting.[20]

HIMSS Global Conference & Exhibition

Advertised as "the leading health information and technology conference,"[21] HIMSS Global Conference & Exhibition is hosted by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), an international not-for-profit organization. The first conference was held in on April 1, 1962 in Baltimore, Maryland[22], with 54 members. The meeting in 2012, held in Las Vegas, Nevada, had 37,032 attendees and 1,123 exhibitors. The meeting in 2019 is anticipated to have more than 45,000 attendees, more than 300 educational sessions, and more than 1,300 vendors present.[23] The meeting typically takes place in the first quarter of the year in the United States and lasts 5 days. This conference does provoke some controversy over perceived excessive vendor influence in the educational sessions. This is in contrast to stated policy that "Presentations must not be designed to promote commercial interests or products."[24]

Informatics Educators Forum

Previously known as InSpire (2016-2017) or the Academic Forum Annual Conference (2007-2015), and directed specifically toward those that train other clinical informaticists, this conference, hosted by AMIA, "... is an opportunity for educators, informatics professionals, and students to come together to address challenges facing health informatics education in order to improve the educational experience of both students and faculty and to better prepare students for their future professional roles, whether those roles are in academics, clinical practice, government, or industry."[25] This meeting has occurred since at least 2007 and typically in the second quarter of the year.

Informatics Summit

This meeting, hosted in the first quarter of the year annually by AMIA, focuses on Translational Bioinformatics, Clinical Research Informatics, and Informatics Implementation. In 2018, the meeting consisted in 48 oral presentations and 7 tutorials, and ran for 4 days.[26] It was previously known as the Joint Summits on Translational Science or Summit on Translational Bioinformatics and has been held annually since at least 2008.[27]

International Conference on Medical and Health Informatics

First held in 2017, this annual conference takes place in Asia. There were 27 presentations in 2018 over the course of 2 days in the second quarter of 2018.[28]


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