MOSORIOT Medical Record System (MMRS)

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The Mosoriot Medical record system (MMRS) is a computerized electronic medical record system that was created at the Mosoriot Rural Health Center in Western Kenya. MMRS was a collaborative project between Indiana University and the Moi University Faculty of Health Sciences, is an electronic medical record system supporting a primary care health center in rural Kenya. It is located within Mosoriot Health Center, Kenya. The MMRS is to improve the quality of health data collection and patient care. The implementation phase I of MUFHS particularly focused on the decisions and trade-offs that must be made when introducing this technology into an established health care system in a developing country. [1]


Dr. Williams Tiernay and some fellow colleagues in Indianapolis implicated the systems. The Rural clinic in Kenya patients records were kept in a logbook (small booklet) was healthcare professional placed their notes in longhand. With the development of this system the patient’s logbooks were converted into computerized “encounter form”. The changes to the medical record allowed to healthcare professional to expand their roles and increase education for their patients. How The MMRS has impacted Kenya’s Healthcare industry:

  • Saves time which help with the creation of a resource to help with patient education.
  • Pharmacist use the MMRS to manage and maintain drug inventories
  • Clinicians are able to document the amount of free care

From the beginning of the system (initiated in February 2001), 10,000 visit records were entered for 6,190 patients in six months. [2] The MMRS has had far-reaching influences in the local health care system [3]:

  • Routine reports for some infectious diseases(required by the Ministry of Health).
  • Trace epidemic patterns and find disease cluster.
  • Save time for health care providers.
  • The MRHC pharmacist has used the MMRS reports to manage drug inventories.
  • Clinicians are able to document the amount of free care (required by the Ministry of Health).


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