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Business continuityBusiness escrowBusiness intelligence
CIDRCIRCLE: Clinical Informatics Research Collaborative
CIS Integration with RIS & PACSCIS User Access Control Requirements
CMS-2319-P: Proposed HHS Rule on Providing Patients' Greater Access to Test Reports
CPOECPOE Common Mistakes
CPOE in the NICU
CT scan
Can Utilizing a Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE) System Prevent Hospital Medical Errors and Adverse Drug Events?Can Uttilizing a Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE) System Prevent Hospital Medical Errors and Adverse Drug Events
Can computer-generated evidence-based care suggestions enhance evidence-based management of asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease? A randomized, controlled trialCan surveillance systems identify and avert adverse drug events? A prospective evaluation of a commercial applicationCapsule Technologie
Care2x Integrated Healthcare Open Source EnvironmentCare360Care Coordination
Case control studyCase report: activity diagrams for integrating electronic prescribing tools into clinical workflowCase study
Case study: identifying potential problems at the human/technical interface in complex clinical systemsCategories:Reviews
Categorizing the unintended sociotechnical consequences of computerized provider order entry
Caveats for the Use of Operational Electronic Health Record Data in Comparative Effectiveness Research
Center for Clinical Computing (CCC)
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)
Centricity EMRCerner
Certification Commission for Health Information Technology (CCHIT)Change management
Changes in end-user satisfaction with Computerized Provider Order Entry over time among nurses and providers in intensive care unitsCharacteristics and consequences of drug-allergy alert overrides
Characteristics of data qualityCharacteristics of health IT outage and suggested risk management strategies: an analysis of historical incident reports in ChinaCharles Safran
ChartLogic EHRChemotherapy prescribing errors: an observational study on the role of information technology and computerized physician order entry systems
Chi-squared test
Chief Nursing Informatics Officer
Children's EHR Format EnhancementChildren's Electronic Health Record FormatChina
Chronic Disease RegistriesChronic kidney disease
Citation NeededClaims assessment to fund health infomation exchange
Classification models for the prediction of clinicians' information needs
ClearPracticeClick frustration
Clinfowiki To DoClinicStation
Clinical Applications of Machine Learning for Diagnosis
Clinical Decision Support: A tool of the Hospital TradeClinical Decision Support: Effectiveness in Improving Quality Processes and Clinical Outcomes and Factors That May Influence SuccessClinical Decision Support: Strategies for Success
Clinical Decision Support Mechanism (CDSM)Clinical Decision Support System and Incidence of Delirium in Cognitively Impaired Older Adults Transferred to Intensive Care
Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS) for preventive management of COPD patientsClinical Decision Support Systems for the Practice of Evidence-based Medicine
Clinical Decision Support and Appropriateness of Antimicrobial Prescribing – A Randomized TrialClinical Decision Support for Drug-Drug Interactions: Improvement NeededClinical Decision Support for Early Recognition of Sepsis
Clinical Decision Support for Perioperative Information Management SystemsClinical Decision Support to Implement CYP2D6 Drug-Gene InteractionClinical Decision Support using the HEART Pathway
Clinical Document Architecture (CDA)
Clinical Informatics FellowshipClinical Informatics Outcomes Research Group. Inpatient verbal orders and the impact of computerized provider order entry
Clinical Information Systems from Software Development PerspectiveClinical Information Systems in Nursing Homes - An Evaluation of Initial Implementation Strategies
Clinical IntegrationClinical Quality MeasuresClinical Reminder Redesign for Ambulatory Clinic Nurses
Clinical Reminders from Beth Israel/Deaconess Medical CenterClinical Research Informatics and Electronic Health Record Data
Clinical Social Work InformaticsClinical decision support: progress and opportunitiesClinical decision support alert appropriateness: A review and proposal for improvement
Clinical decision support improves physician guideline adherence for laboratory monitoring of chronic kidney disease: a matched cohort studyClinical decision support in electronic prescribing: recommendations and an action plan: report of the joint clinical decision support workgroupClinical decision support in small community practice settings: a case study
Clinical decision support liabilityClinical decision support or genetically guided personalized medicine: a systematic reviewClinical decision support programs can be risky business
Clinical decision support system and incidence of delirium in cognitively impaired older adults transferred to intensive careClinical decision support systemsClinical decision support systems: A discussion of quality, safety and legal liability issues
Clinical decision support systems: Potential with pitfallsClinical decision support systems and how critical care clinicians use themClinical decision support systems for addressing information needs of physicians
Clinical decision support systems use in WisconsinClinical guidelines
Clinical research informatics
Clinical trial registryClinical workflow analysisClinically Relevant Data Visualization
Clinicial Decision Support in Obstetrics
Clinicians satisfaction with CPOE ease of use and effect on clinicians' workflow, efficiency and medication safety.Co-mingled records
Cognitive Analysis of a Highly Configurable Web 2.0 EHR Interface
Cognitive InformaticsCognitive and usability engineering methods for the evaluation of clinical information systemsCognitive ethnography
Combined U.S. Department of Defense / Veterans Affairs InitiativesComchart EMRCommon Corollary orders
Common Data Element (CDE)Common Terminology Services
Communicating discharge instructions to patients: a survey of nurse, intern, and hospitalist practicesCommunication outcomes of critical imaging results in a computerized notification systemCommunications with physicians and other providers
Community Based Research Network: Opportunities for Coordination of Care, Public Health Surveillance, and Farmworker ResearchCommunity EHR ModelsComparing Vendors
Comparison of Computer-based Clinical Decision Support Systems and Content for Diabetes MellitusComparison of information technology in general practice in 10 countries
Comparison of manual versus automated data collection method for an evidence-based nursing practice studyComplementary Alternative MedicineComplementary methods of system usability evaluation: Surveys and observations during software design and development cycles
Complementary methods of system usability evaluation: surveys and observations during software design and development cyclesComposite Health Care System (CHCS)Comprehensive Analysis of a Medication Dosing Error Related to CPOE
Comprehensive Health Enhancement Support System - CHESSComprehensive analysis of a medication dosing error related to CPOEComprehensive management of the access to the electronic patient record: Towards trans-institutional networks
Computer-based decision support for pediatric asthma management: description and feasibility of the Stop Asthma Clinical System (SACS)
Computer-based psychotherapy
Computer Aided DetectionComputer Aids in the Physician's Office
Computer Decision Support as a Source of Interpretation Error: The Case of Electrocardiograms
Computer Scribes for PhysiciansComputer Stored Ambulatory Record (COSTAR)Computer assisted coding (CAC)
Computer physician order entry: benefits, costs, and issues.
Computerised physician order entry-related medication errors: analysis of reported errors and vulnerability testing of current systemsComputerised provider order entry combined with clinical decision support systems to improve medication safetyComputerised provider order entry combined with clinical decision support systems to improve medication safety: a narrative review
Computerized Clinical Decision Support: Will it Transform Healthcare?Computerized Patient Record System
Computerized Physician Order EntryComputerized Physician Order Entry-realted Medication Errors: Analysis of Reported Errors and Vulnerability Testing of Current SystemsComputerized Physician Order Entry - effectiveness and efficiency of electronic medication ordering with decision support systems
Computerized Physician Order Entry and Electronic Medical Record Systems in Korean Teaching and General Hospitals: Results of a 2004 SurveyComputerized Physician Order Entry with Clinical Decision Support in Long-Term Care Facilities: Costs and Benefits to Stakeholders
Computerized Provider Order Entry Adoption: Implications for Clinical Workflow
Computerized Provider Order Entry Reduces Length of Stay in a Community HospitalComputerized clinical decision support for prescribing: provision does not guarantee uptakeComputerized clinical decision support improves warfarin management and decreases recurrent venous thromboembolism
Computerized clinical decision support systems for chronic disease managementComputerized physician order entry: promise, perils, and experience
Computerized physician order entry with clinical decision support in the long-term care settingComputerized prescriber order entry in the outpatient oncology setting: from evidence to meaningful use
Computerized provider order entry implementation: no association with increased mortality rates in an intensive care unitComputerized provider order entry in the clinical laboratoryComputers can't listen--Algorithmic logic meets patient centeredness
Confidential Social HistoryConfidentiality
Confidentiality, privacy, and security of genetic and genomic test information in electronic health records: points to considerConfiguration Challenges: Implementing Translational Research Policies in Electronic Medical RecordsConfusion over meaning of "cervical mass" e.g., re: cervix or cervical vertebrae
Considerations when using Document Imaging in an EHR
Consumer health informaticsContext, automated decision support, and clinical practice guidelines. Does the literature apply to the United States practice environment?
Context managementContextual implemenation modelContingency Plan
Contingency planning for electronic health record-based care continuity: a survey of recommended practicesContributed Income:Cookies
Cooking up an open source EMR for developing countries: OpenMRS – a recipe for successful collaborationCopy and paste
Coronary artery disease risk assessment from unstructured electronic health records using text miningCorrelates of electronic health record adoption in office practices: a statewide survey
Cost-Effectiveness of a Computerized Provider Order Entry System in Improving Medication Safety Ambulatory CareCost-benefit analysis (CBA)
Cost-effectiveness analysisCost-effectiveness analysis of a hospital electronic medication management systemCost-effectiveness of a shared computerized decision support system for diabetes linked to electronic medical records
Cost-effectiveness of an electronic medication ordering system (CPOE/CDSS) in hospitalized patientsCost-effectiveness of an electronic medicationordering system (CPOE/CDSS) in hospitalized patients
Costs and benefits of health information technologyCouncil on the Application of Health Information Technology (CAHIT)
Covered EntitiesCovered entity
Creating order sets
Criteria for assessing high-priority drug-drug interactions for clinical decision support in electronic health records
Criteria for creating new order setsCriteria for identifying appropriate candidates for Telemedicine follow-up careCritical Care Informatics
Critical Incident TechniqueCritical result reporting
Cross-vendor evaluation of key user-defined clinical decision support capabilities: a scenario-based assessment of certified electronic health records with guidelines for future developmentCrowdsourcing
Cryptographic ChecksumCrystal Practice Management