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Mark Mench EHR System SelectionMarketing
Master Data Management in Health careMaster patient indexMatching identifiers in electronic health records: implications for duplicate records and patient safety
Maternal and Perinatal Quality Care CollaborativesMathematical Tools for the Epidemiologist
McKesson Foundation Professor of Biomedical Informatics -- Vanderbilt UniversityMcKesson Practice Partner
Meaningful Use Stage 2 for Eligible Professionals (EP) for the Medicare EHR Incentive ProgramMeaningful Use of Electronic Health Records: Experiences from the Field and Future OpportunitiesMeaningful use
Measure of Clinical Information Technology AdoptionMeasurement
Measurement of CPOE end-users satisfaction among ICU physicians and nursesMeasurement of Healthcare Information Technology Vendor Performance
Measuring and improving patient safety through health information technology: The Health IT Safety FrameworkMedAptus
MediTouch EHRMediaWiki Supporting Instructions
Medical MastermindMedical Record NumberMedical Robots
Medical ScribeMedical Subspecialty Board of Clinical Informatics
Medical decision support using machine learning for early detection of late onset neonatal sepsisMedical home
Medical identity theft
Medical informatics history
Medical laboratory informatics
Medicare DashboardMedicare advantageMedication-related Clinical Decision Support in Computerized Provider Order Entry Systems: A Review
Medication dispensing errors and potential adverse drug events before and after implementing bar code technology in the pharmacy
Medication errors
Medication errors: a prospective cohort study of hand-written and computerised physician order entry in the intensive care unitMedication errors: prevention using information technology systemsMedication reconciliation
Medication safety alert toolsMedications requiring dosage adjustments in hepatic disease
Medications to be avoided during pregnancy
Medications to be avoided while breastfeedingMedicomp Systems
MedicsDocAssistant Electronic Health Records SystemMedinformatixMeditech
MedlinePlus ConnectMental health clinical decision support
Mental health informaticsMental health information system (MHIS)
Meridian EMRMeta-analysis
MetadataMethods and dimensions of electronic health record data quality assessment: enabling reuse for clinical research
Methods to capture workflow
Micro MDMicrosoft HealthVault
Minimizing Electronic Health Record Patient-Note Mismatches
Minimum NecessaryMining Electronic Health Record Data
Ministry of Health of the People’s Republic of ChinaMission Critical
Mobile Health Implementation
Mobile healthcare applications
Mobile phone diabetes project led to improved glycemic control and net savings for Chicago plan participantsMonitor Preference for Electronic Medical Record in Outpatient Clinic
Most commonly used Order Sets in In-patient SettingMotivation crowding theory
Multi-label classification of chronically ill patients with bag of words and supervised dimensionality reduction algorithmsMultifactorial intervention in diabetes care using real-time monitoring and tailored feedback in type 2 diabetes
Multiphasic Health Testing System (MHTS)Multum
My nameNANDA-I Taxonomy (NANDA-I)
National Cancer Institute Biobanking/BiorepositoriesNational Electronic Health Record Program in United Kingdom
National Healthcare PolicyNational Institutes of Health (NIH)
National Quality ForumNational Roadmap for Clinical Decision SupportNationwide Health Information Network
Natural language processing (NLP)
Natural language processing and inference rules as strategies for updating problem list in an electronic health record
Natural language processing in the electronic medical recordNavigating regulatory change: preliminary lessons learned during the healthcare provider transition to ICD-10-CM/PCS.
Necessity and implications of ICD-10: facts and fallaciesNeuroinformatics
Non-repudiationNorthwest China
Novel user interface design for medication reconciliation: an evaluation of TwinlistNovella EMR SystemNueMD By Nuesoft
Number entry errorNurses' acceptance of the decision support computer program for cancer pain managementNurses' satisfaction with medication administration point-of-care technology
Nurses Readiness and Electronic Health RecordsNursing Interventions Classification (NIC)
Nursing Outcomes Classification (NOC)Nursing and CPOENursing domain of CI governance: recommendations for health IT adoption and optimization
Nursing informaticsNursing informatics rev 2019Nursing medication administration and workflow using computerized physician order entry
Nutrition informaticsODM
ONC Issues Guides for SAFER EHRs
OSCAR McMasterObstetric Alarm FatigueObstetrical EMR
Ocular biometrics
Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC)OmniMD
Omni MDOmron Wrist Blood Pressure MonitorOn Validation and Verification Of Decision Support Protocol Subsystems During Implementation-Optimization: Encapsulating P(X)
On the alert: future priorities for alerts in clinical decision support for computerized physician order entry identified from a European workshop
OntologyOntology driven decision support for the diagnosis of mild cognitive impairmentOpen-source health information technology: A case study of electronic medical records
Open Health ToolsOpen MedicDrive
Open Source Handheld-Based EMR for Paramedics Working in Rural AreasOpen source EMR software: Profiling, insights, and hands-on analysis
Operational data integrity during electronic health record implementation in the EDOptimization of drug–drug interaction alert rules in a pediatric hospital's electronic health record system using a visual analytics dashboardOptimizing the acceptance of medication-based alerts by physicians during CPOE implementation in a community hospital.
Optum Physician EMROral history
Order Sets in Computerized Physician Order Entry System: an Analysis of Seven Sites
Order set
Oregon Health & Science University Biomedical Informatics 512 Fall 2008Oregon Health & Science University Clinical Informatics Program
Organizational BehaviorOther issues regarding problem lists
Out-patientOut-patient Medical Record (OMR)
Outcomes assessment of clinical information system implementation: a practical guideOutpatient Electronic Health Records and the Clinical Care and Outcomes of Patients With Diabetes MellitusOvercoming challenges to achieving meaningful use: insights from hospitals that successfully received Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services payments in 2011
Overdependence on technology: an unintended adverse consequence of computerized provider order entryOverrides of clinical decision support alerts in primary care clinics
Overrides of medication-related clinical decision support alerts in outpatientsOverriding of drug safety alerts in computerized physician order entry
P4 Medicine
PACS - Next Generation
Palm-based Clinical Information System (PalmCIS)PalmSecure
Participation in EHR based simulation improves recognition of patient safety issuesPassword
Password change policy
Patient-Care Questions that Physicians Are Unable to Answer
PatientSecurePatient Accessible Electronic Health Records: Exploring Recommendations for Successful Implementation StrategiesPatient Care Information System (PCIS)
Patient Centered Medical HomePatient Characteristic dosing supportPatient Confidentiality in the Research Use of Clinical Medical Databases
Patient Decision AidsPatient Experiences and Attitudes about Access to a Patient Electronic Health Care Record and Linked Web MessagingPatient Identification Errors
Patient Matching AlgorithmsPatient Safety: Improving Safety with Information TechnologyPatient Safety and Quality Improvement Act
Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act (PSQIA)Patient Web Services Integrated with a Shared Medical Record: Patient Use and SatisfactionPatient centered care
Patient empowermentPatient engagement frameworkPatient entered data
Patient identifier
Patient portalPatient privacy
Patient – Physician Collaboration on FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources)
Patients' safety, privacy and effectiveness--a conflict of interests in health care information systems?Patients want granular privacy control over health information in electronic medical recordsPay for performance
Pearl EMRPearl® EHR
Pediatric InformaticsPerceived Barriers and Facilitators of Using a Web-Based Interactive Decision Aid for Colorectal Cancer Screening in Community Practice Settings: Findings From Focus Groups With Primary Care Clinicians and Medical Office Staff
Perceived barriers of heart failure nurses and cardiologists in using clinical decision support systems in the treatment of heart failure patientsPerceived efficiency impacts following electronic health record implementation: an exploratory study of an urban community health center networkPerceived increase in mortality after process and policy changes implemented with computerized physician order entry
PerceptionPerceptions Regarding Electronic Health Record Implementation among Health Information Management Professionals in Alabama: A Statewide Survey and AnalysisPerformance of a Web-Based Clinical Diagnosis Support System for Internists
Performance of probabilistic method to detect duplicate individual case safety reportsPerioperative Nurses' Attitudes Toward the Electronic Health Record
Personal Indentifiable Information
Personal health records: a randomized trial of effects on elder medication safetyPersonal identifiers