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  1. "Meaningful use" of electronic health records and its relevance to laboratories and pathologists
  2. "Smart Forms" in an Electronic Medical Record: documentation-based clinical decision support to improve disease management.
  3. (CPR)
  4. (EDR)
  5. /Hierarchy of Evidence
  6. 3M Health Information Systems
  8. ADP AdvancedMD
  9. AI and ML for Depression And Suicide Screening
  10. AMDIS Response to the Federal Tamper-Resistant Rx Law
  11. AMPATH medical record system (AMRS)
  12. ANOVA
  13. ARRA
  14. ART-EMR
  16. ASTM CCR
  17. A 2014 medical informatics perspective on clinical decision support systems: do we hit the ceiling of effectiveness
  18. A Bayesian decision support tool for efficient dose individualization of warfarin in adults and children
  19. A Clinical Decision Support Needs Assessment of Community-Based Physicians
  20. A Clinical Decision Support System for Integrating Tuberculosis and HIV Care in Kenya: A Human-Centered Design Approach
  21. A Design Protocol to Develop Radiology Dashboards
  22. A Framework for Evaluating the Appropriateness of Clinical Decision Support Alerts and Responses
  23. A Framework to Assist Health Professionals in Recommending High-Quality Apps for Supporting Chronic Disease Self-Management: Illustrative Assessment of Type 2 Diabetes Apps
  24. A Hybrid Model for Automatic Emotion Recognition in Suicide Notes
  25. A Journey through Meaningful Use at a Large Academic Medical Center: Lessons of Leadership, Administration, and Technical Implementation
  26. A New Medication Reconciliation Clinical Reminder: Will it succeed?
  27. A New Socio-technical Model for Studying Health Information Technology in Complex Adaptive Healthcare Systems
  28. A Novel Approach to Supporting Relationship-Centered Care Through Electronic Health Record Ergonomic Training in Preclerkship Medical Education
  29. A Pragmatic Approach to Implementing Best Practices for Clinical Decision Support Systems in Computerized Provider Order Entry Systems
  30. A Qualitative Investigation of the Content of Dental Paper-based and Computer-based Patient Record Formats
  31. A Review of Emerging Technologies for the Management of Diabetes Mellitus
  32. A Survey of Health Information Exchange Organizations in the United States: Implications for Meaningful Use
  33. A Systematic Review of Patient Acceptance of Consumer Health Information Technology
  34. A Tale Of Two Large Community Electronic Health Record Extension Projects
  35. A case study on better iconographic design in electronic medical records user interface
  36. A clinical decision support needs assessment of community-based physicians
  37. A clinical decision support needs assessment of coummunity-based physicians
  38. A cluster randomized trial evaluating electronic prescribing in an ambulatory care setting
  39. A comparison of a multistate inpatient EHR database to the HCUP Nationwide Inpatient Sample
  40. A comparison of two Detailed Clinical Model representations: FHIR and CDA
  41. A computerized reminder system to increase the use of preventive care for hospitalized patients
  42. A content analysis of smartphone-based applications for hypertension management
  43. A decision support tool for appropriate glucose-lowering therapy in patients with type 2 diabetes
  44. A description and functional taxonomy of rule-based decision support content at a large integrated delivery network.
  45. A descriptive analysis of a nursing home clinical information system with decision support
  46. A detailed description of the implementation of inpatient insulin orders with a commercial electronic health record system.
  47. A framework for evaluating the appropriateness of clinical decision support alerts and responses
  48. A health record integrated clinical decision support system to support prescriptions of pharmaceutical drugs in patients with reduced renal function: Design, development and proof of concept
  49. A long-term follow-up evaluation of electronic health record prescribing safety
  50. A new sociotechnical model for studying health information technology in complex adaptive healthcare systems
  51. A nursing clinical decision support system and potential predictors of head-of-bed position for patients receiving mechanical ventilation.
  52. A pragmatic Approach to Implementing Best Practices for Clinical Decision Support Systems in Computerized Provider Order Entry Systems
  53. A qualitative analysis of how advanced practice nurses use clinical decision support systems
  54. A qualitative cross-site study of physician order entry
  55. A qualitative study of the activities performed by people involved in clinical decision support: recommended practices for success
  56. A randomized trial of electronic clinical reminders to improve medication laboratory monitoring
  57. A review of randomized controlled trials comparing the effectiveness of hand held computers with paper methods for data collection
  58. A review of security of electronic health records
  59. A review of the empirical evidence of the value of structuring and coding of clinical information within electronic health records for direct patient care
  60. A risk analysis method to evaluate the impact of a computerized provider order entry system on patient safety
  61. A simple error classification system for understanding sources of error in automatic speech recognition and human transcription
  62. A strategic vision for telemedicine and medical informatics in space flight
  63. A survey of factors affecting clinician acceptance of clinical decision support
  64. A systematic review of the literature on multidisciplinary rounds to design information technology
  65. A template-based approach to support utilization of clinical practice guidelines within an electronic health record
  66. A trial of automated decision support alerts for contraindicated medications using computerized physician order entry
  67. A trial of automated safety alerts for inpatient digoxin use with computerized physician order entry
  68. A user-centered framework for designing health care interfaces
  69. A user needs assessment to inform health information exchange design and implementation
  70. A website to improve asthma care by suggesting patient questions for physicians: qualitative analysis of user experiences
  71. Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)
  72. Access Logs
  73. Access control
  74. Accessing primary care Big Data: the development of a software algorithm to explore the rich content of consultation records
  75. Accountable Care Organization
  76. Addition of electronic prescription transmission to computerized prescriber order entry: Effect on dispensing errors in community pharmacies.
  77. Administrative Safeguards
  78. Adopting Electronic Medical Records in Primary Care: Lessons Learned from Health Information Systems Implementation Experience in Seven Countries
  79. Adoption of Clinical Decision support in Multimorbidity: A Systematic Review
  80. Adoption of Electronic Health Records (EHR) in Canada: A Review
  81. Adoption of Order Entry with Decision Support for Chronic Care by Physician Organizations
  82. Advanced Proficiency EHR Training: Effect on Physicians’ EHR Efficiency, EHR Satisfaction and Job Satisfaction
  83. Advances in Artificial Intelligence
  84. Adverse drug event
  85. Age and EMR
  86. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)
  87. Aggregate data
  88. Aggregated data
  89. Agreement of Medicaid claims and electronic health records for assessing preventive care quality among adults
  90. Aim project
  91. Aionex PatientBoard
  92. Akron Children's Hospital and IBM
  93. Alberta Netcare
  94. Alert Dwell Time: Introduction of a Measure to Evaluate Interruptive Clinical Decision Support Alerts
  95. Alert placement in clinical workflow
  96. Alerts
  97. Alerts versus on-demand CDS
  98. Allscripts
  99. Alternate Input Devices
  100. Amazing Charts

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