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This is a document that is difficult to categorize. A policy document? A guideline? Does it cite evidence? As an author of a paper describing a successful removal of the paper-based EHR from a hospital [1] i disagree with the content of this document! What should I do, write a competitive document ?;-) --Arildf 06:16, 2 February 2006 (CST)

What about creating a new section on this page that discusses your views on the benefits or drawbacks of scanning. After re-reading this page, it seems that as it currently stands it is confusing several concepts. Namely, the fact that we need to be able to print results and new data and the need to keep old paper documents around. perhaps we could figure out how to separate these two concepts. I read over your abstract and it seems that your paper addresses the problem of what to do with the old paper records that must be kept.

perhaps we could just make 2 sections on the same page or split them altogether. feel free to take a crack at it. I'm off to meetings the rest of today, I'll check back late tonight and see what you have done. ps. are you going to the HIMSS meeting in San Diego feb 12-16 by any chance? dfs