Towards a Egyptian Medical Record

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Need for National medical record:

  • Inaccurate statistics
  • Huge old data

In Our countries medical records are maintained in hard copy format only. However, electronic copies of medical records have become a normal part of the record keeping process in many different types of medical facilities from labs to hospitals to doctor's offices.

The medical record when it is stored on the computer, it is stored as a scanned copy or as text format. So that there will be a big problem regarding to the statistics issue and also there is no patient record actually as the data is distributed in different formats.

Also the difficulty in retrieving the patient data and When dealing with medical issues, this delay can eat up valuable minutes in treating a medical condition. So that the solution is to build a Electronic Medical Record.

Challenges: I think one of the major problem face the National Medical Record is regarding to the:

  • Data collection
  • Data standardization

And as the collection of data is not related to the medical informatics so I will focus in my paper on the solution of the other and big part of the problem "Data Standardization"

The Problem: Entering the medical data in standard format

The Solution: From text format to Standard data

Focusing the problem: The most common parts that are implemented in the HMIS are that related to the administration part and also the financial part. And most of these system components (HMIS) are implemented in the hospitals partially. Like the Pharmacy system implemented as a stock application and the part of medication plan is neglected completely and may be not implemented at hospital at all.

So the problem appears in the medical part of the system. As it is not applied at most of the hospitals and when it comes to automate this part the medical data is entered to the system not as a standard format or coded but at the best cases as a free text. so the system "from text to standard data" will recover this problem.

The Solution: From Text to Standard Code System

The target from this project is to scan the medical reports written in a free text format and get the medical words like the disease name – the drug name – the operations name – the radiology test name – lab test name …. Etc and translate it into its standard international code.

The sample case in this paper will consider the disease name detection only.

This system will be implemented using the NLP (natural language processing techniques) for building the language parser.

Submitted by Farida Farid Abo Omar