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I am Ngoc Tran, and I joined OHSU in July 2018 as a first-year clinical informatics fellow. And pathology is my primary specialty. During residency, by working on QI projects that relate to computerized provider order entry, dashboard, data analysis, statistics, and studying a month for pathology informatics and attending annual national pathology informatics conferences helped me realize that I could learn and build informatics skills on the job, and informatics is a field that naturally fits my interests. Since I wish to have a well-rounded skill set and a solid foundation in informatics, I believe pursuing a clinical informatics fellowship will help me to achieve these goals.

My favorite things to do in my free time are reading technology news, going to the gym, learning new languages (Chinese, Spanish, Arabic) and programming languages, taking MOOCs- that are related to informatics, and calling or writing letters to family and friends.