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I am a physician with board certification in Occupational and Environmental Medicine (OEM). In addition to my MD degree, I have an MPH degree (major in Epidemiology) obtained as part of my OEM residency training. I have had the opportunity to practice Occupational Medicine in a variety of settings over the past 33+ years – clinical; academic (Duke University); government (CDC/NIOSH) and corporate (Procter & Gamble). I recently retired from P&G after 25+ years of service with the last 6 years directing our global operations program which involved lots of analytics and informatics support work with medical systems for our internal network of 180 occupational health clinics staffed by almost 400 health professionals distributed in 44 countries to provide OH services to over 90,000 employees worldwide.

Decided after retirement from P&G to pursue work in clinical informatics so I enrolled in the OHSU clinical informatics certificate program beginning with the Spring 2018 term. In mid-April 2018, I started working in a new role as Chief Product Evangelist for Enterprise Health, a company which makes Occupational Medical EHR software for major providers of occupational health services (e.g. multi-national corporations; large hospital systems; Federal Occupational Health system – known as FedHealth; etc.). My role is to serve as the "voice of the customer" – here's my first blog posting explaining my job: . However, my role continues to evolve/expand so recently have been asked to become involved in product development initiatives along with helping the company with its internal health and wellbeing strategy for its employees.