Follow-Up Care of Clinical HIV infection and AIDS (FUCHIA)

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FUCHIA or the Follow-Up of Clinical HIV Infection and AIDS is an electronic patient monitoring system for HIV/AIDS patients, developed by Epicentre, the epidemiology group of Me´decins Sans Frontie`res.

Access to medical care and Antiretroviral (ARV) treatment for people living with (PLW)HIV/AIDS has to be expanded in developing countries. However, close monitoring of interventions is essential. FUCHIA software was developed to support the management and analysis of longitudinal clinical, biological and therapeutic data of HIV infected patients, and to offer an automated access to specific indicators and statistics used in the programmed monitoring.

The first FUCHIA software prototype was created by Epicentre at the beginning of 2000 in partnership with the technical department of MSF-France and various medical field teams of MSF. Since June 2001, a technical committee composed by members of the five operational sections of MSF (Belgium, France, Holland, Spain and Switzerland) and Epicentre – works on the development of FUCHIA. The development of the software is funded by these five MSF sections.

It was developed as a standalone system using MS Access and the Delphi programming language.

It supports clinical care and long-term follow-up of patients, including scheduling of visits; it includes data on medications and investigations and generates reports. In addition to patient demographic and medical information, FUCHIA is paired with a statistical package and comes with several analyses/reports. One such report is the number/percentage of patients on each ARV regimen. FUCHIA does not perform quantification or inventory control, but pairs with the MSF Drug Order Tool. FUCHIA is used in MSF ART programs worldwide, with support from Epicentre in France.

On 1/2/13, Epicentre released the newest version of FUCHIA. This new version allows the user to produce reports regarding Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT) data. FUCHIA is available in French and English, and free of charge for MSF participants. [1] FUCHIA is not the only follow up for HIV and AIDS, a new system was created for TB care in HIV patients in Africa.


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