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My name is Stephany Diaz and I am from Brownsville Regional Campus. I graduated from my bachelor degree in psychology from the University of Texas at Brownsville on December 2014, finished a certificate in public health this past May and started a new certificate in health informatics on spring 2015. I am planning to get a dual degree in health informatics and public health in a near future. As a behavioral graduate student, health promotion and health behavior are of great interest for me however I am also interested in health informatics, therefore I am planning to do a master dual degree program combining both public health and health informatics. My principal aim as a student and future professional in the field of health informatics is to take advantage of the link between information technology and healthcare and use this to acquire the essential skills to help in the improvement and innovation of medical services and the way they are administered to the population. I was born in Brownsville Texas, but I was raised in the border-town of Matamoros Mexico. Being born and raised on the border of Mexico gave me the opportunity to get a very clear idea of the poor health conditions and limited access to certain services among the population of that region, The Rio Grande Valley. I also understand that the future of this is combining technology with health care. I have had the opportunity of working with AmeriCorps assisting low income students to pursue higher education and I also served as a volunteer at Valley Baptist Medical Center in the customer services area. There I learned the importance of getting to know the vital necessities of individuals and get to understand safety requirements implemented in the hospital setting.