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* [[Flowchart-based decision support sample content]]
* [[Flowchart-based decision support sample content]]
* [[Preventive care reminders]]
* [[Preventive care reminders]]
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Clinical Decision Support -- CDS


Clinical Decision Support (CDS) refers broadly to providing clinicians or patients with clinical knowledge and patient-related information, intelligently filtered or presented at appropriate times, to enhance patient care. Clinical knowledge of interest could range from simple facts and relationships to best practices for managing patients with specific disease states, new medical knowledge from clinical research and other types of information.

Modes of Interaction

Order Sets

Information Resources

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a system that was developed by a team of system engineers and clinicians. The system would take some of the workload from medical teams by assisting the physicians with tasks like diagnosis & Therapy recommendations. An AI system could be running within electronic medical record system, and alert a clinician when it detects a contraindication to a planned treatment. It could also alert the clinician when it detected patterns in clinical data that suggested significant changes in a patient’s condition. The definition of artificial intelligence has changed over the years, since 1956 till now. It is mostly found in data rich areas like intensive care settings There are many different types of clinical task to which Artificial intelligence can be applied. 1. Monitoring patients vital signs and then evaluating and administering the right amounts of different drugs needed 2. Planning an adequate nutritional support for maintaining the metabolic needs of newborn infants. Control of the level of pressure support ventilation. 3. Reading of the electrocardiogram (ECG).

There are numerous reasons why more expert systems are not in routine use. Some require the existence of an electronic medical record system to supply their data and most institutions do not yet have all their working data available electronically. Much of the difficulty has been the poor way in which they have fitted into clinical practice, which required additional effort from already busy individuals.

Examples of AI that are still in practice samrtcare/pc ventilator manager, 2004. VIE-PNN Neo-natal parentral nutrition 1993. Examples of decommissioned AI are: N‘eoGaneshVentilator manager, 1992. ACORN Coronary care admission ,1987. By Bassima Hammoud

Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing

Medication-related Clinical Decision Support

Basic Medication-Related Decision Support

Advanced Medication-Related Decision Support

Adverse Drug Events

Non-Medication-Based Safety Rules

Validation and Verification of Clinical Decision Support

Sample Decision Support Content