National Roadmap for Clinical Decision Support

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This Roadmap recommends a series of activities to improve CDS capabilities and increase use of CDS throughout the United States health sector. The immediate goal of these activities is: to ensure that optimal, usable and effective clinical decision support is widely available to providers, patients, and individuals where and when they need it to make health care decisions.

The ultimate goal of these activities is to improve the quality of health care services and to improve health in the United States. The Roadmap identifies three pillars for fully realizing the promise of CDS (see Figure ES-1):

• Best Knowledge Available When Needed: the best available clinical knowledge is well organized, accessible to all, and written, stored and transmitted in a format that makes it easy to build and deploy CDS interventions that deliver the knowledge into the decision making process

• High Adoption and Effective Use: CDS tools are widely implemented, extensively used, and produce significant clinical value while making financial and operational sense to their end-users and purchasers

• Continuous Improvement of Knowledge and CDS Methods: both CDS interventions and clinical knowledge undergo continuous improvement based on feedback, experience, and data that are easy to aggregate, assess, and apply.

National Roadmap for Clinical Decision Support