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My journey into being a physician and later wanting to become an informatician has been circuitous. I did not decide until a few years into undergrad that medicine was the path I wanted to take. This came after working as a unit clerk and nursing aid at a hospital in my hometown. Eventually I graduated with a BS in Physiology from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale in 2009 and then started medical school the following Fall at Southern Illinois University. I have always been fascinated by physiology and the complex interplay of the multiple organ systems; thus, Internal Medicine was a logical fit for me.

I started Internal Medicine residency at the University of Iowa in 2013 and finished in 2016. During residency, I was consistently appalled at how difficult the EHR made clinical work. I enjoyed trying to figure out how to manipulate the system to fit my workflow and save time. Thie eventually made way to trying figuring out how evidenced-based medicine could be fused into the EHR to help with complex decision making. After completing a chief residency in 2017, I became a hospitalist with the intention of completing a master's degree in Health Informatics to continue to pursue my interest. However, I quickly found that taking classes in informatics without having a direct connection to a health system would not allow me to achieve my goal of improving the current state of physician and EHR interaction.

A fellowship in clinical informatics was the next logical move. I started clinical informatics fellowship at Regenstrief Institute in July 2019 and loving the experience I am receiving. My goal is to study and develop improvements in Clinical Decision Support and furthering evidenced-based practice via the display of information to the clinician at the time of decision making.