A clinical decision support needs assessment of community-based physicians

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This article was to conduct an assessment on community based physicians and their views on clinical decision support and the desired capabilities that could assist physicians in the future in community based practices by Joshua E Richardson and Joan S. Ash.[1]


The authors wanted to conduct an assessment with community based physicians on their views of clinical decision support(CDS) and expectations. The authors wanted this information and felt it could be useful in the development and design of future clinical decision support.


The authors conducted interviews and clinic observations in urban and rural community-based clinics over a 2 month period in 2010 .The physicians were familiar with how CDS worked and were asked to explain their understanding of clinical decision support. They had two research questions:

  • How do community-based physicians conceptualize CDS?
  • What do community-based physicians need from CDS?[1]


The authors conducted interviews and observations in 15 community-based clinics over a 2 month period in 2010. The physicians that participated were familiar with CDS functions and proficient at describing their understanding of what is and what is not a clinical decision support.


Physicians were able to identify different aspects of clinical decision support that needed more work such as evidence based treatments, ordering medication, alerts, reminders, and algorithms. But physicians also wanted some clinical decision support around cognitive decision-making that would support clinic decisions. This type of support would enhance relationships and interactions between the staff and patient.


Physicians conveyed a need for clinical decision support within an EHR to support patient safety through the use of medication administration, alerts and reminders. But the physicians also wanted to see cognitive decision support that assisted and support the collaboration between staff and patients. To fully meet these expectations the clinical decision support tool must be designed to meet the users needs and fully integrated to assist the physician in a wide range of decisions.[1]


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