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Evident- In 1979, Mobile, Alabama. A group of forward-thinking healthcare specialists created CPSI. CPSI set out to fill a clear void in technology solutions tailored to hospitals in rural communities everywhere – the institutions that serve so much of America.

Since then, CPSI has partnered with hundreds of rural and community hospitals and thousands of providers to help them bring the best healthcare to patients everywhere. In 2013, aware of important changes coming to healthcare, CPSI began a transformation to help our clients prepare for emerging challenges. We created TruBridge, a separate company devoted entirely to services for the business office, consulting and IT needs of all rural and community healthcare providers. [1] Today, CPSI has grown to over 650 hospitals in 46 states.

On April 13, 2015, CPSI announced Evident, LLC, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of CPSI. According to CPSI, "evident will provide EHR solutions previously sold under the CPSI name as well as an expanded range of offerings targeted specifically at rural and community healthcare organizations." [2]

Clinical Applications

  • Hospital EHR
    • Single patient record for all systems
    • Workflow automation allowing for more time with patients
    • Streamlined interfaces for better efficiency [3]
  • Provider EHR
    • Customizable workflows
    • Extensive documentation and management capabilities
    • Full interoperability with other EHRs [3]
  • Patient Management
    • Complete management of all patient activities
    • Simplified reporting
    • Secure handling of patient data [3]
  • Revenue Cycle Management
    • Account management, billing and collection services
    • Insurance claim processing
    • ICD-10 coding [3]
  • Financial Management
    • Accounting and budgeting capabilities
    • Integration with patient billing and insurance information
    • Ability to manage hospitals of different sizes [3]
  • Information Management
    • Reporting capabilities using patient data
    • SQL-compliant database
    • Archiving, backup and disaster recovery
    • Data analytics [3]

Recent Updates

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) ranked 40 Evident hospitals with a 5 star ranking based on patients’ experience of care.[4]


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