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Founded in 2010, Happtique is a mobile health application store and app management solution that helps healthcare providers, physicians, and patients easily integrate mHealth into treatment. Happtique is owned by GNYHA Ventures, Inc., the business arm of the Greater New York Hospital Association. GNYHA Ventures owns and operates numerous companies that provide group purchasing and healthcare consulting services to healthcare organizations (i.e., hospitals, continuing care facilities, and clinics) located throughout the U.S. The happtique store offers a variety of "Happs" which are health applications that have been distilled by the cpmpany. Each hApp is assigned to at least one major audience (e.g., physician, nurse, pharmacist, etc.) and at least one broad topic (e.g., heart/cardiovascular). Each hApp is also “tagged” for more precise audiences (e.g., specific medical, nursing, dental specialties, etc.) and topics (specific cancers, diabetes, asthma, etc.). Keywords are extracted from the description provided by the app developers. Happtique’s Expert Classification Team, which includes a medical librarian, a physician, and an RN, is responsible for the development and continuous refinement of the Happtique hApp cataloging system.To help healthcare organizations populate those catalogs, Happtique created an extensive app classification system, which consists of more than 300 disease states, health and fitness categories, and healthcare professions and specialties. App curation is an ongoing process, with 12,000+ apps categorized to date.

App Certification Program

Happtique is developing an App Certification Program for medical, health, and fitness apps. The purpose of the program is to help users identify apps that meet high operability, privacy, and security standards and are based on reliable content. Under the direction of a Blue Ribbon Panel, Happtique has developed a set of draft standards that it will use to certify medical, health and fitness apps. The draft standards address operability, privacy, security, and content issues; each area consists of multiple standards and associated performance requirements.


mRx is a product that is offered by Happtique, which is a mobile app prescribing solution that enables physicians to prescribe mHealth apps to patients. Happtique created the patent pending mRx technology to facilitate the integration of mHealth into treatment and prevention plans. Happtique believes that apps “prescribed” by health professionals and sent directly onto patients’ personal devices have a much greater likelihood of being downloaded and used than apps patients may casually find on their own. The goal of mRx is to use prescribing technology to translate the potential of mobile health into improved patient engagement and outcomes. mRx is itself an app that can be loaded on a doctor’s smartphone or tablet. Once a suitable health aid is located, the doctor can select the “prescribe” command to send the app to a patient by e-mail. This should improve outcomes, since educated and involved patients are far more likely to follow treatment recommendations, use preventative services, comply with medication regimens, and choose healthier lifestyles. Happtique believes that we’ll soon be seeing third-party reimbursement for apps prescribed by clinicians, and have written our patent-pending solution with this in mind. Their goal is to create a world for mobile app prescribing similar to the way e-prescribing has transformed traditional pharmaceutical prescribing. Happtique has recently launched a pilot program to test the mRx technology with physicians, physical therapists, personal fitness trainers, and their patients. mRx allows physicians to connect their patients with relevant, appropriate mHealth apps.

mRx™ Pilot Program

The pilot is focusing primarily on cardiology, rheumatology, endocrinology, orthopedics, physical therapy, and fitness training. Happtique has developed a sample list of apps for these disciplines, based on recommendations from specialists in the field or related specialty organizations. Practitioners may prescribe apps from the list or other apps of their choice. Happtique is seeking approximately 50 practitioners in each discipline to participate in the pilot. Licensed or certified health care practitioners in other specialties and disciplines may also participate in the mRx™ pilot. Practitioners in these fields will choose the apps they wish to prescribe. The Pilot Program will focus on the usability of mRx™ along with practitioner and patient satisfaction. While the pilot will track how many apps are prescribed and how many times the “fill” button is clicked after an app prescription is sent, it will not measure app usage or clinical outcomes. The Pilot Program consists of three phases—practitioner enrollment, use of the mRx app by enrolled practitioners, and feedback. In total, the pilot will run until approximately mid-December.

mHealth zone

mHealth Zone is a weekly Internet radio show hosted by Ben Chodor, CEO of Happtique, and Corey Ackerman, President of Happptique. that focuses on mobile health developments and technology. The show has over 10,000 listeners as Ben and Corey discuss breaking mHealth news, interview industry experts, and review the latest in app security.




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