Impact of electronic reminders on venous thromboprophylaxis after admissions and transfersVendor Selection Criteria

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The journal was a study to show if Clinical decision support (CDS) helps prevent venous thromboembolism (VTE). [1]


Study was done at a University Hospital. The study consisted of:

  1. Admission Patients
  2. Transfer Patients


At 6 hours after admission or transfer, the CDS algorithm checked for prophylaxis orders within 0–30 h of the patient’s arrival, increasing the specificity of the displayed reminders

Also, added automated VTE reminders

  • Results
  1. Increase VTE awareness for patients admitted and being transferred
  2. Increase VTE prophylaxis
  3. Postponing prophylaxis checks to 6 h after admissions and transfers reduced the number of reminders by 62% and thereby minimized the

risk of alert fatigue.


The study did improve VTE awareness in Admission and transfers.

The study improved:

  1. Patient hand-off
  2. Quality of Care