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MedAptus is an electronic medical record (EMR) was founded in January 1999 by two physicians. Lance Baldo, MD. - an Orthopaedic Surgeon Co-Founded Medaptus with Malcolm M. Lloyd MD. with a view to integrating Information Technology with Clinical Medicine. They both currently remain on the board of Key Executives For MedAptus, Inc. [1]


The MedAptus System was initially piloted as a "PDA based Physician Coding Tool" [2] that was portable for providers. This professional Charge capture system currently claims to be the only one of its kind available for hospital outpatient clinic coding and billing [2]. According to MedAptus Inc. the system is being used by a variety of "prestigious healthcare organizations" who have facilitated enhancement to MedAptus workflow engineering [3]

Solution description

MedAptus has expanded from the early days to include 5 solution products namely:

  • 1) Pro - Professional Charge Capture is a flexible scalable tool that is marketed as being able to be integrated with scheduling, registration and
    EMR systems in a variety of clinical settings thus facilitating timely billing reconciliation [4]
  • 2) Provider Enrollment - In order to provide appropriate credentialing so physicians can be compensated from insurance carriers [5] , [6]
  • 3) Tech - Technical Charge Capture - has three options for facilitating integration into outpatient clinical workstations [7]
  • 4) Infusion - Infusion Services Charge Capture [8]
  • 5) ICD10 - ICD-10 Overview to help physicians transition to the use of ICD10 [9]


Customers using MedAptus and the year of inception are as follows :

  • 2001 - Lahey Clinic Medical Center, Burlington, MA [10]
  • 2002 - University Physician Associates of New Jersey, Newark, NJ (UPA) [11]
  • 2004 - The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX [12] , [13]
  • 2008 - Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI [14]
  • 2010 - Community Hospitalists Cleveland, OH [15]


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