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Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) licensing in medicine


Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Systems

see EMR

Computer-based Provider Order Entry -- CPOE

see CPOE

Clinical Decision Support -- CDS

see CDS

Personal Health Records -- PHRs

see PHR

Personal Health Applications -- PHAs

see PHA

Informatics Students' Contributions


Ancillary Clinical Information Systems

Blueprint for a Comprehensive HIT System

Biobanking -- a.k.a. Biorepositories or Tissue Banks

see BioBanking

Organizational issues

The Role of the CMIO

Regional Health Information Organizations -- RHIOs

see RHIO

Evidence-Based Medicine -- EBM

see EBM

Evaluation Methods in Informatics

An overview of qualitative and quantitative design methodologies used in informatics. See Evaluation

Unintended Consequences of Health Information Technology

see Unintended Consequences of HIT

Quality & Quality Informatics

see Quality & Quality Informatics

Public Health Informatics

U.S. Federal Health Information Technology Initiatives

The E-Patient-Provider Relationship

Interface Terminology

New CIS-related Technologies

Reviews of recent Clinical Informatics Articles

International views

Blogposium, April 2006

The Blogposium, held from April 18-20, was an innovation in collaborative blogging and wiki building.

The effort marshalled the expertise and energy of several dozen health bloggers and volunteers to expand and refine this Clinical Informatics Wiki. Bloggers posted their first drafts of entries as posts or links to this wiki and invited readers to provide comments and edit suggestions.

While many bloggers and readers contributed to this Web 2.0 innovation in collaborative work, key participants included the follow blogs. Please visit them and thank them for their contributions:

Departments of Biomedical or Medical Informatics

See List of Informatics Departments

Endowed Professorships and Chairs in Health / Medical / Nursing / Biomedical Informatics

see Endowed Professorships

External Links

External Medical Reference Links

  • eMedicine Physician contributed medical articles and CME
  • KMLE Medical Dictionary Medical dictionary and medical related links
  • NLM (US National Library of Medicine, contains resources for patients and health care professionals)
  • WebMD General comprehensive online health information
  • Medicine 2.0 Comprehensive online Personal health record information.